Data Journalism

MaryJo Webster's training materials

This is a collection of my data journalism training materials, however it could also be used by someone wishing to learn on their own. Many (although not all) of the exercises have directions that walk you through. If you're a beginner, I recommend starting at the top of the page and working your way down. Many thanks to the dozens and dozens of other data journalists who wrote/created some of these materials, and the many more who taught me along the course of my career! If you have problems with any of the files or links here, please contact me via Twitter, @MaryJoWebster

Learning R

New from 2019

My recent stories

Introduction to data journalism

Recommended books

Get inspired: examples of good data-driven stories

Finding Data & public records


Beginner spreadsheets - Exercises & data

Intermediate spreadsheet exercises & data

Advanced spreadsheets tipsheets & exercises

Wrestling with data

Examples of flawed data

Tools for wrangling data

Cleaning data

How to write and report with data

Bulletproofing your data analysis

Using numbers without fear (Numeracy)

Data visualizations

Database managers & SQL

Regardless of which SQL program you are going to use, you might want to first look at:

SQLite using Firefox SQLite Manager

SQLite in Firefox is a light-weight SQL tool, but it has its limitations. The best option would be to set up your own instance of mySQL, but if that's beyond your capabilities, this would at least give you an introduction to Structured Query Language.

Microsoft Access

FYI...these exercises were written several years ago and may be outdated with newer version of Access

Access -Group by queries

Access - Importing

Access - Joining tables

GIS mapping

Geocoding tools

Other tools to check out: